Legacy driver 7182 is now supported by Envy

June 27, 2006 at 7:25 pm (GNU/Linux)

I have added the support for the Legacy driver 7182, please try it (if you have a card which requires a legacy driver)


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Envy 0.39

June 27, 2006 at 5:16 pm (GNU/Linux)

Envy v 0.39 has been released

* fixed wrong path to xorg in Ubuntu 64bit (thanks to some users of the Italian forum who made me notice)

* merged “install” and “reinstall” functions. Now there are only “install” and “uninstall” are available. The install function is able to retrieve the installer from your hard disk (if the Envy script is in the same folder of the Nvidia installer) instead of just downloading the Nvidia installer again.

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Envy 0.38

June 19, 2006 at 11:15 am (GNU/Linux)

Envy v 0.38 has been released

I warmly recommend you to get the latest version.

* support for recompiled kernels (it was broken)
* support for (recompiled) kernel 2.6.14 or higher (it needed some tweaking before because of some changes in the kernel)

* support for Kernel 2.6.17

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Envy 0.37

June 13, 2006 at 9:09 am (GNU/Linux)

*Envy, Version 0.37 is available.

Please, get the latest version, it has some bugfixes.

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Ubuntu 6.06 LTS has been released

June 1, 2006 at 1:30 pm (GNU/Linux)

Today Ubuntu 6.06, a distribution with long term support features, has been released: “Ubuntu, which has become one of the world’s most popular Linux distributions in recent years, launched its latest version on June 1 following months of intense testing. The new release is titled Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Term Support), and has a specific emphasis on the needs of large organisations with both desktop and server versions.”

Also the other flavours of Ubuntu (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu) are available.

After running the Testing version of Dapper Drake, and being so happy with it, I can only say:

Thank you Mr. Shuttleworth for setting me free from Windows (since last year) and making me
a proud supporter of Ubuntu, GNU/Linux, Open Source and of the wonderful communities behind them.

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