Planning the Ubuntu System Tool (UST)

July 31, 2006 at 8:45 am (Ubuntu)

“If you’ve enjoyed using the console-based “Yast” tool (from Novell’s Suse Linux) in your server room, then you’ll appreciate the work begun on the Ubuntu System Tool—a similar tool with similar functionality.

Often in firewalled server rooms, SSH (Secure Shell) is the only network service available internally to manage the servers. Console-based DIY sysadmin tools thrive in this arena, cutting the time having to lookup commands and their arguments—especially for common tasks like adding users then setting all of those user-parameters at the same time and this is where UST comes in.

UST is trying to be true to the release-early, release-often realm of open source programming. The project is currently in the planning stages, with a workable menu (demo). Right away, this could be adapted for conducting certain tasks.

The demo lacks data-entry screens, or a reusable template and still needs an API (defined programming interface) to be used to carry out tasks in a fairly common, easily extensible way. Still, we encourage you to download the project in order to see how you might be able to contribute with recommendations, or perhaps even programming. Check out the screenshot!”

[Mike McKee and The UST Project Team]


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  1. skp said,

    Dood !! Ur nvidia script helped a lot …. It was so frustrating to face that damn error and was so pleasing to c ur script working fine 😀 … so I can move forward with Xgl installation …. thnks again … adios

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