A Manual for the Ubuntu Linux Beginner

August 4, 2006 at 8:53 am (Ubuntu)

IntroductionThe purpose of this post is to give folks that have never used Ubuntu (or even Linux) and idea of what Ubuntu is all about. The reason for putting this together is that most of the existing reviews online are exactly that: reviews. While certainly helpful for existing Linux users it doesn’t give folks who have never tried Linux (or even Mac) before a good introduction to this crazy new thing called “Ubuntu”. There are concepts in Ubuntu that don’t exist in some other Linux distrobutions especially if the last time you tried Linux was back in the day of hunting through rpmfind.net digging for your exact build of the RPM you needed in order to get Wine to run Half-Life 1.

Intended Audience

Non-linux users or users fairly unfarmiliar with Linux. If you run Ubuntu, Fedora Core 5, Gentoo or SUSE and understand the ins and outs of Linux, skip ths guide. It will just be a review of all the stuff you already know.

If you are primarily a Windows users or even a Mac user and you are sick of hearing about all this Linux craze, especially “Ubuntu”, and want to try it out but don’t really feel comforatable with the process OR you started to run the installer, freaked out and turned it off, then keep reading.”

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