On the development of Envy 0.42

August 4, 2006 at 2:49 pm (Debian, GNU/Linux, Ubuntu)

First of all if you don’t know what Envy is, please have a look at this link:

What is Envy?

Good News:
I have successfully ported Envy from Bash to Python (and it seems to work just fine).

Bad News:
I have decided to delay its release. I want to make a deb package therefore I need to read a guide about it (which I won’t do right now). Unfortunately learning python in half month (and I’m not a programmer) and porting my script caused some additional stress to my already stressed mind (I must thank the exams for that).
Anyhow I’m posting here on my blog to let you know some of the features you will see in Envy 0.42:

New features:
1) Automatic Detection of the model of your graphic card:
Envy checks that your card is supported by the Nvidia driver and warn you if it’s not.

2) Automatic Detection of your Operative System:
Only Ubuntu Dapper and Breezy are currently supported.

3) Automatic choice of the Nvidia driver:
Envy will install the latest driver (8762) or the latest Legacy driver (7182) according to the model of your graphic card


Envy is written in Python so that adding new features will be much easier for me (Python is such a powerful language…)

Things you won’t see in Envy 0.42:
1) Support for Debian Etch and Ubuntu Edgy Eft

2) Automatic tweaking for the graphic cards for which the Nvidia driver does not work out-of-the-box.

3) Resolution and Refresh rate selector

I need your help with the latter feature as I can’t test all the Nvidia cards available on the market. If you want to help you can post on this thread on the Ubuntu Forums:

Post the way you got the Nvidia driver to work
I need to know which cards (they all have an identifier code) require some tweaking (and of course also what kind of tweaking they require).

Here is a screenshot of Envy’s new textual interface:



  1. ubuntudemon said,

    Your “what is envy” still talks about bash. You should mention python :).

    I posted on my blog about this here :

  2. SCM said,

    Hi there, I’m still SO very happy about envy (bash version), which I used half an hour ago to “repair” my own f**ed up installation trial of the nvidia driver, that I just wanted to thank you again. The bash script worked fine for me, easy as a walk i the park. The upcoming Python version sounds even mightier. So: May the force be with you 🙂

    greetings from Munich

  3. albertomilone said,

    I know that 😉 I need to update the page on my website when Evny is released.

  4. Sandro Amilton Vieira said,

    Great Work!!! Thanks For ALLl!! please Check Dependencies for XGL!!!!

  5. Jon said,

    Will it be posible to compile the python script under edgy and have it work?

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