Stephan Hermann: Communication and Release Goals

August 7, 2006 at 9:27 am (Ubuntu)

Mark, the communication of Release Goals were quite Ok.
The problem of understanding is something else. For example, many people from my area, they use Kubuntu btw, were expecting to have a release which is more stable then Breezy (Dapper is), which is more reliable (in some areas Dapper is [Gnomish speaking] and in some areas not [KDEish speaking], and that’s why we all had the talk during Linuxtag 2006).

The word “Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS” where LTS means “Long Term Support” implied, that this release (aka Dapper) will be more conservative. Writing/Saying “Polished” for Dapper just meant “Being Better than our last release”. You and the others put their word on it, and in the end, everything worked out.

If there’s anyone who wanted to have new features like “more 3D” or “make it more easy”, those people don’t know where we come from.

Anyways, the release goals for edgy are not important now, important is to stablize Dapper, make things more smooth.
For Edgy we will have a bumpy run, and this is quite nice. Warthy is just greeting us again ;-)

Communications is all, but having a individual way to do things, it’s much more then a communication that fits us all. If you want that, be a politician, but not a guy who is creating the best and nicest Linux Distro ever.”



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