QT 4.2 has been released

October 5, 2006 at 7:30 am (Ubuntu)

This is GREAT news!

I’ve been waiting for this feature for so long:

Tighter integration with the GNOME desktop environment – Qt 4.2 allows developers to create Qt plug-ins for use with non-Qt applications. The tighter integration with the GNOME desktop environment is the result of The Portland Project, a working group dedicated to better interoperability between KDE and GNOME in order to establish a greater presence for Linux in the desktop market.

here are some screenshots of the Cleanlooks style:


And here is the rest of the features of QT4.2:


I wish it could be in Edgy’s repos…



  1. Ryan said,

    I am also really glad about this, it’s about time for this.
    I am running Edgy beta, and still don’t see it in the repos.
    They have to get it in by launch.

  2. albertomilone said,

    Actually it IS in Edgy’s repos 😀

    If I type:
    sudo aptitude show libqt4-core | grep Version

    version 4.2.0-1ubuntu2 appears.

    the same happens if I type:
    sudo aptitude show qt4-designer | grep Version

    Version: 4.2.0-1ubuntu2

    Try installing qt4-designer :
    sudo aptitude install qt4-designer

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