A Long Awaited Vacation…

July 15, 2006 at 5:16 pm (Daily Routine, GNU/Linux)

I can’t believe I’m done with the exams (for this summer). I’m way too stressed.

Fortunately the books and the CD I had ordered before my Spanish exam have recently arrived from Amazon.co.uk:

1) “THE” album “Fade Into Light” by Boz Scaggs:

I had never listened to such a wonderful album. I don’t know if I can define Scaggs’s style smooth jazz without taking away the “magic” of this album.

The box contains a CD with 12 tracks and a DVD with the all the songs in enhanced stereo (definitely a pleasure to the ears) and the videos of the live performances of “Lowdown”, “Harbor Lights” and “We’re All Alone” (in high definition and 5.1 Surround Sound !!!).

I have no words to describe this masterpiece. I just can’t stop listening to it.

Try it, listen to it, love it. It will warm your heart (provided you have one ;-P ).

Usually Smoothjazz.com broadcasts some of his songs (that’s where I heard his name the first time).

2) the book “Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional” by M.L. Hetland:

Yes, I decided that Bash wasn’t powerful enough to suit all my needs (not that I mastered it) and I took the plunge and started learning Python (a programming language named after the Monty Python).

The book is quite clear, uses a rather informal (friendly) style and is very pleasing to read. I hope to review it in the future.

Converting my Envy script (and enhancing it) into Python is only one of the thousands of projects I have on my mind…

3) the book “Python Cookbook” by Alex Martelli, Anna Ravenscroft, and David Ascher:

I have only glanced at its cover and read a few pages of the introduction as I want to wait until I have a bit of knowledge of Python. I think I’ll need many of those examples but I’m not able to express any opinion about that book at the moment.


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July 9, 2006 at 10:53 pm (Daily Routine)

ITALY has just WON the WORLD CUP 2006 !!!

(ok, it wasn’t a great match but I risked a heart attack)

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May 22, 2006 at 5:14 pm (Daily Routine)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my brand new blog.

Before you start reading my posts I want to make clear that what I’ll be writing is NOT a universal Truth but only MY truth.

As a free thinker I will respect your thought and I hope you will do the same with mine. Of course constructive criticism is welcome.

I’ll try to keep this blog as up-to-date as possible according to the spare time my studies (and exams) leave me.

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